I perceive space as not only something visual captured by the eyeball, but as a depth of time that holds actions, and the bodies performing them. It has now become possible to efficiently reach goals with the use of diverse technology, but at the same time, the processes have become buried inside a black box, where lies a new 'death' that has invented another disconnection. Metropolises have all become colonies of glass-covered pillars, luring in the many education-enthusiastic, ambiguous, wealthy class people. The top floors of skyscrapers all have observation decks, attracting people as homogenous tourist spots found all over the world. Vision is the only sense permitted to the citizen of a colony. Gathered in a space deficient of part of the senses, do the people really see the city, or are they watching a panoramic monitor? Not I nor anybody else can tell the difference. Carried as almost passive bodies in high-speed elevators, like panic rooms, we instantly arrive up in the clouds. A disconnection between reality is born here; judgment is lost towards the scenery that lies below the skyscraper. Living in the present, we cannot keep up with the efficiency created by technology, mindlessly dropping our broken pieces of cognition outside the glass.