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Kenryou Gu was born in Kyoto in 1994 and raised in Shanghai. He graduated from the College of Contemporary Art and Photography at Kyoto University of Art and Design. While in university, he studied abroad at the National School of Photography in Arles, France. Gu is recipient of the “KG + Award 2018” grand prize as well as the “sanwacompany Art Award / Art in The House 2019” grand prize. Currently based in Tokyo, Gu uses photography expansively as a means to compress and transform the information accumulated in one’s physical sensations in urban spaces. By means of an original method through which different times and places are connected and reconstructed, Gu builds a cross section of the invisible informational stratum that forms scenery, guiding the gaze through the hidden context at the periphery of space. His major solo exhibitions included "15972 sampling" SFERA (Kyoto) at KYOTOGRAPHIE 2019, “Utopia” GALLERY WATER (Tokyo) at TOKYOGRAPHIE 2018, “Wu-Mai” at Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto Gallery, and “Utopia” at the former Junpu Elementary School (Kyoto).

1994 年京都生まれ、上海育ち。京都造形芸術大学現代美術・写真コース卒業。大学在学中にアルル国立高等写真学院へ留学。「KG + Award 2018」グランプリを受賞、「sanwacompany Art Award / Art in The House2019」グランプリを受賞。現在、東京を拠点に活動中。 都市空間における自身の身体感覚を基軸にしながら、そこで蓄積された情報を圧縮・変換する装置として写真を拡張的に用いている。独自の手法で異なる時間、場所を接続し再構成することにより、空間の周縁に潜在するコンテクストへと視線を誘導し、風景を形づくる見えない情報的地層の断面を立ち上げている。 主な個展に、KYOTOGRAPHIE 2019 プログラム「15972 Sampling」 SFERA( 京都)、 TOKYOGRAPHIE 2018 プログラム「Utopia」GALLERY WATER(東京)、「霧霾| Wu-Mai」ワコールスタディホール京都 ギャラリー、「Utopia」元淳風小学校(京都)などがある。

Group Exhibition

2014.11.15-2014.11.30 Hi, my name is... Shokudo Ruins, Kyoto

2015.01.17-2015.02.13 Uryuyama? Galerie Aube, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto

2016.05.02-2016.05.16 Kyoto Survey Project ABSship Gallery, Kyoto

2016.10.06-2016.11.15 Artotheque Selection D&Department Gallery, Kyoto

2017.12.16-2017.12.24 Open House Contemporart Art House Gallery of The Youth

2018.09.07-2018.09.24 Utopia_i Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2018

2019.06.06-2019.07.29 Today is Sony Square Shibuya Project

Solo Exhibition

2018.02.09-2018.02.18 Utopia Graduation Show, Kyoto University of Art and Design

2018.04.11-2018.05.13 Utopia Former Junpu Primary School

2018.05.22-2018.07.07 Wu-Mai Wacoal Studyhall Kyoto gallery

2018.11.24-2019.12.22 Utopia Gallery Water, TOKYOGRAPHIE 2018

2019.02.06-2019.04.01 Inbetweening sanwacompay Tokyo showroom

2019.04.13-2019.05.12 15972 sampling Sfera, KYOTOGRAPHIE 2019

Art fair

2018.07.06-2018.07.08 ART OSAKA 2018

2019.03.01-2019.03.03 ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO 2019


2018.02 Utopia Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduation Show Grand Prix

2018.05 Utopia KYOTOGRAPHIE Satelite Event KG+ Grand Prix

2018.09 Utopia_i Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2018 KoyamaTomio Award

2019.02 Inbetweening sanwacompany art award / art in the house 2019 Grand Prix


2001-2002 Kitashirakawa Primary School, Kyoto

2002-2010 Fudan Vanke Experimental Private School, Shanghai

2010-2013 Shanghai NO.2 High School, Shanghai

2016 École nationale supérieure de la photographie, Arles (Exchange program)

2014-2018 Kyoto University of Art and Design, Contemporary Art and Photography Course