In Chinese there is a word called “Wu-Mai” referring as the same meaning as smog. The word originally means the storm caused by sand or dust.

For instance, comparing to the rapid economic growth period, air pollution in this day is shown as a specific beauty. Sensing from this harmful yet purely white air, it’s almost like the flowing of time in a Chinese traditional landscape painting. If you look closer in this scenery, people who lives in “Wu-Mai” continue their lives as if there is nothing different. I attempted to visualize this scenery caused by this present state through a contemporary version of Chinese traditional landscape paintings.

Even though at some point people may occur reaction to a certain issue or object, It is only in a relatively short period of time. When they look back to something they used to care a lot about, they found that they have already lost their enthusiasm. This project started from 4 years ago as a continuous series, I still remember at that time a lot of naive thoughts from people regarding to the “Wu-Mai”. However as the time passes by, people including myself has few concern about “Wu-Mai”. It is not even about how the environment effects on our health, we have became numb towards this issue and continue our lives as nothing have happened.